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Effects of an EU 55% GHG reduction target
Augustus 2020
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Factsheets stikstofmaatregelen mobiliteit
April 2020
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Availability and costs of liquefied bio- and synthetic methane. The maritime shipping perspective
Maart 2020
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The impacts of EGCS washwater discharges on port water and sediment
December 2019
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Taxes in the Field of Aviation and their impact
Juni 2019
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Study on methods and considerations for the determination of greenhouse gas emission reduction targets for international shipping
Mei 2019
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Residuals bunker ban in the IMO Arctic waters. Cost implications for Russian trade flows – a case study
Februari 2019
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Update of maritime greenhouse gas emission projections
Januari 2019
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Werk door groene waterstof
December 2018
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Residuals bunker fuel ban in the IMO Arctic waters. An assessment of costs and benefits
Augustus 2018
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